Choosing Outdoor Blinds - The Right Way

Outdoor blinds are a fabulous way of extending your living area and maximising your living space. Yet deciding upon the right type and colour of outdoor blinds can be daunting for many homeowners.

The best thing is to take the time to find out about the different types of blinds and their recommended uses and then start thinking about colour co-ordinating.

dark mesh ziptrak outdoor blinds installed around large patio

Choosing Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds play a role in not only extending our living areas, turning a patio or deck into another room for all seasons or enclosing a pergola or fenced pool area, but they also help protect us against the elements.

But when you decide upon the location of where you would like your blinds to be installed, you also need to think about what function you want your blinds to achieve.

Ask Yourself...

  • Would you like outdoor blinds to protect you or your home from wind, rain or sun?
  • Or do you want them to give you some much needed privacy?
  • Do you have a view you still want to admire once your blinds are in use or are you happy to block an undesirable view out?

The answers to these questions will help you to firm up suitable colours and what sort of material you need them constructed with.

Colours & Materials

PVC Plastic – clear, light smoke, dark smoke or dark tint
Shade Mesh – a full range of colours to choose from as shown below...

Visiontex Plus Mesh Colours for Ziptrak Blinds

Clear or Shade Mesh

This short video will help you decide if you need clear outdoor blinds or shade mesh outdoor blinds. Or perhaps a combination of both.

Types of Outdoor Blinds

Ziptrack blinds are available in a range of colours and are easy to manoeuvre into the exact position you need it in as they move on a track. Ziptrack outdoor blinds are available in PVC or mesh fabrics, making them great for providing sun, wind, cold and UV protection.

Café blinds are really just another name for outdoor blinds. Traditionally they were operated by ropes and pulleys but nowadays most people opt for the modern track-guided outdoor blinds like Ziptrak. The rope and pulley version is still available though, in PVC and mesh varieties.

Bottom lock rail blinds work well when you need to avoid ground fixings or trip hazards, while bi-fold PVC doors are a great alternative to using glass doors in areas where you need to be safe, such as next to children’s play areas.

Add Value To Your Property With Outdoor Blinds

With the high quality materials they are made from and the visual appeal that they present, outdoor blinds will not only look great and work fantastically, but will also add value to your home or business.

One great feature is that you can choose whether you would like your blinds to be clear to maximise the views in any weather, or coloured to match or contrast the building or structure it is attached to.

With the wide variety of outdoor blinds on the market and the many options of fabric colours and frameworks available for the blinds, taking the time to research the best choice of outdoor blinds for you and your property is paramount.

Type of fabric and colour should be your next consideration and we are happy to come and visit to give you a non-obligation measure and quote and help you decide which style and colour of outdoor blinds will suit you the best.

Not sure yet? Here's some information about why installing outdoor blinds is a good choice.

Ziptrak® Main Features:

  • No Zippers
  • No Ropes or Pulleys
  • No Winding
  • No Buckles
  • No Straps
  • No Gaps either side
  • No Flapping
  • No Struggle
  • No set position

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