Why Install Outdoor Blinds?

Everyone wants to make the most of their outdoor space - as well as enjoying the pleasure of entertaining or relaxing outdoors, it is a great way of extending your home or business.

7 Reasons To Install Outdoor Blinds

  1. Gives You Control
  2. Protection from Wind, Sun, Rain & Dust
  3. Cooler in Summer & Warmer in Winter
  4. Outdoor Furniture Lasts Longer
  5. Custom Fitted To Your Space
  6. Maximises Outdoor Living
  7. Outdoor Blinds Add Value
looking out through white mesh ziptrak outdoor blinds

Gives You Control

Outdoor blinds, or Café blinds as they're often called, can revolutionise your outdoor space and the way you use it. They offer you control over your exterior space without having to lose that essential outdoors, fresh-air feeling.

Protection from Wind, Sun, Rain & Dust

One of the downsides of outdoor spaces is their exposure to the elements. Especially in Perth, where the wind, sun, rain and dust can really take their toll.

In our coastal areas, when the sea breeze comes in strong, being able to pull down the blinds and continue enjoying the day is fantastic. Equally in our inland suburbs when those hot easterlies start blowing, quality outdoor blinds will shield and protect you. You'll still be able to enjoy yourself without getting covered in dust or things blowing over.

In hot weather, the blinds can offer shade from the sun and high level UV shielding. They can also help you keep your outdoor space insect free. And when sun turns to rain, you'll still be able to entertain and enjoy yourself.

Installing outdoor blinds gives you a high level of protection, so you can access your outdoor space all day long and all year round.

Federal Hotel in Fremantle with clear pvc outdoor blinds.

Cooler in Summer & Warmer in Winter

If you’re outdoor space extends from your home or business, then outdoor blinds not only give you control of the space but they can increase the energy efficiency of the main building too.

They reduce heat loss in cold weather and heat gain in summer. You can air your home or business naturally without worrying about the heat.

Outdoor Furniture Lasts Longer

Protection from the elements also improves the lifespan of outdoor furniture and fittings and gives you greater choice in decor.

Outdoor blinds prevent general wear from sun and rain and also prevent colours from fading. So you can furnish your pool house just as you would like, without having to worry about weather damage.

Custom Fitted To Your Space

Best of all, they come in a wide range of fittings and materials. This means that both practically and aesthetically there’s a perfect outdoor blind for your space, whether it’s a patio area for entertaining family and friends, a pool house, or a restaurant dining area.

Outdoor blinds are available in modern track-guided models which can also be motorised for complete convenience. These types of blinds look great and don't have any straps, pulleys or ropes that can be tripped over. Very popular! You may wish to read our FAQs about these blinds.

There are also the classic zip-up or roll-up models, which also have versions with no straps or floor fixings.

All types come in a wide range of materials. You can chose from shade mesh fabric and PVC materials in a variety of densities and colours.

Maximises Outdoor Living

Outdoor blinds help you make the most of your outdoor space by increasing it's accessibility throughout the year. Darker shades will also increase your privacy, which is becoming more relevant now as Perth blocks get smaller and smaller.

Outdoor Blinds Add Value

They look fantastic and add value to your home! Both emotionally and monetarily. Because of the range of high-quality models and material styles, outdoor blinds can really add to the look of your space.

And they offer all of the above without detracting from the outdoors experience.

Learn more about the right way to choose outdoor blinds.

Ziptrak® Main Features:

  • No Zippers
  • No Ropes or Pulleys
  • No Winding
  • No Buckles
  • No Straps
  • No Gaps either side
  • No Flapping
  • No Struggle
  • No set position

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