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Enjoy your patio all year round protected from the weather...

A good set of outdoor blinds will allow you to entertain and enjoy your patio right throughout the year. It'll be cooler in summer with less glare and much warmer in winter with protection from any rain and wind.

People often wonder about whether blinds can be fitted into their particular patio configuration. Don't worry, it's all possible! Please allow us to show you how they fit and also explain the easy installation process.

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No more freo doctor to knock over my wine glass. Absolutely love them.

Kathy in North Lake

So much better than I imagined, almost speechless.

Alex in Beeliar

Thanks A&A. Such an improvement on the old rope and pulleys blinds. Absolutely love them!

Diane in Spearwood

Can’t wait for summer to enjoy my new backyard with landscaping, then the new blinds and fixed panels to finish it off. Great service. Thanks A&A.

Shelley in Bicton

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This gallery of images is just a sample of all the different patios that we install our blinds in. Our customers are so pleased with how usable their patios become that they often wonder why they didn't do it years before.

Mesh Patio Blinds

PVC Patio Blinds

Combination of Mesh & PVC Blinds

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